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"I think none of us will ever be the same after our unbelievably fantastic trip to Israel. And it was you who made it so extraordinary. I am sure our family group would not be easy for any guide because of the difference in our ages, religion and knowledge, but each of us felt totally included and connected to you, to each other and to Israel. You created an experience for all 3 generations that was spiritual, educational, emotional and fun. We would not ever dream of planning a trip to Israel without you. Thank you from a very grateful grandma and Shalom. with very best regards, Lee"

Meir - It was such a pleasure to meet you in Jerusalem. Thank you for an experience I know that none of us will forget. I have attached the photo from our dinner. I am very glad you were able to join us. I look forward to the opportunity for us to perhaps meet again someday. Sincerely, Brad Korell

"We miss you! "unbelievable" is how we describe the trip to everyone that asks. thanks for making it so. if you ever get up to speed on face book, please "friend" me: scott shay. we look forward to seeing your pics and vids. all the best, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts, scott"

"meir....our trip to israel was unbelievable due to you...we are so happy to consider you a friend and our trip was a dream to us....we are all exhausted today but are looking forward to coming back for Dillon's bar mitzvah.... i hope it;s not 120 degrees on the next trip...please stay in touch with us and if you ever want to come to visit NY you have an open invitation"

Hello Meir Our tour with you was wonderful - thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and taking us to so many points of interest. Kind regards Jean

Hi Meir, Indeed, It was great meeting you and great having you guiding us this week! Thank you for your professional guides and hope to meet you sometime again... Best regards Uzi, Be One Solutions

Dear Meir, Here are some photos of you guiding us around Jerusalem. I want to thank you for our wonderful introduction to Jerusalem and stuffing our time full of destinations and information - if I can remember only a quarter of your information, I will be well informed. Take care and enjoy your summer! Best regards, Joan Cooper

Meir--It was such a great time touring with you. I greatly appreciate the time you put in to make it a special tour for Esti. I am sorry she got a bit tired on the very end of the tour, but she told me how grateful she was for the time she had. I look forward to being in touch for future touring in Israel. ***also--when I unpacked yesterday--I realized we had your daughter's pants that you let Esti borrow!!! What is the address to get them back to you. I am really sorry! thanks again. -Ian

Dear Meir: My recent 3-week trip this past May to Eretz Israel was my third trip; second 3-week trip 2 years in a row. As one who proudly believes in Zionism & how Israel represents the front line in the battle of freedom & democracy, I can honestly state you were the best of all the guides from all these trips.

Without referencing my notes, I can say from the heart: -you presented an even keel temperament, exuding warmth & confidence. -you were not a "clock watcher" & always accommodated requests for different start times; you went the extra mile to ensure what we came to see & do was accomplished, no matter how late we were running. -as in the USMC, you were prompt & prepared. For example, as my particular interest was in the military area, you reviewed & studied the relevant battle sites to see in a particular area. I remember for Ammunition Hill you copied a synopsis of the battle to discuss the details with me; provided me with that coveted document. How could I ever thank you for arranging me to join the special commando unit's orientation to the '67 battle for Jerusalem? -you possessed a clear, unbiased sense of history; the political scene. -we traveled everywhere together that was considered dangerous & relished the opportunity to document what a Jew has to go through to pray at Rachel's & Abraham's tombs. -you were honest & genuinely cared about the health & welfare of your client. How much misshigoss did we go through to see an opthalmologist for my infected eye; return my shoes to Naot?

What more can I say? I have fired several guides in the past; to book you on week 3, I re-arranged my itinerary. In respect to my membership in AIPAC, I would recommend for them to rely on you to present a comprehensive itinerary to fully understanding Israel's history, geography, politics, & battles. Zy Gezundt! Mark

Meir Thought you would appreciate the following feedback to the day tour that you did for me: "We really enjoyed Meir. Very informative and very pleasant to be with. I wish we had more opportunity to use his services."

Meir, thank you so much for the wonderful tour, it was a perfect day, we all had a fantastic time! :) Tamara Ratz

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